A L I S O N   S I N A T R A  has been teaching yoga for nearly 20 years and loves helping people remember inner space and a free body. She received her first teacher training certificate in 2001 in New York City and continues to be influenced by master teachers from many traditions.

She is a senior teacher at Woodstock Yoga in Woodstock, NY and Kula Yoga in New York City. Her classes are breath and heart-centered with deep, intelligent sequences that secretly make you work. She incorporates humor, Kundalini and devotional intention.

Alison leads and co-leads retreats all over the world. Her favorite and most popular is her Goddess Retreat, which creates a transformative, inclusive, healing space for women.

Her spiritual path also includes Native and South American studies and Reiki. She lives in the woods with her intuitive hubby, Anton and magical munchkins Violet and Joseph Little Hawk.