"Alison Sinatra brings authenticity, wisdom and elevating humor to the practice of yoga. She is a gifted teacher, an inspired facilitator of workshops and retreats, and embodies a stunning balance of the divine and the earthly."

"Without question Alison is a wonderful yoga teacher, but that is not what makes her unique. She is, simply put, an amazing person, and it's obvious from the moment she walks into a room. She radiates kindness and compassion and just when think you are overwhelmed by her light, she opens her mouth and says something that touches your soul. She embodies what yoga is and shows you what it means to really practice yoga. She believes in you even if she hardly knows you, and, through yoga, guides you to dig deep within yourself and find the everything good that's in there. Meeting this woman is an absolute privilege and getting to work with her, even a single time, is a true blessing."

"A yoga class with Alison is a profound experience. The effects of her class manifest themselves in my body, spirit, and life for days. Through knowledge, love and humor, she creates a class unlike any other. GO! Attending Alison's class will change your life in many positive ways."

"Alison is a life-changing force delivered in a package of wisdom and humor. My first retreat with her was a revelation. She introduced me to the limitlessness of one's own power to heal and nurture. I remember going home afterwards feeling new, taking in the world around me with an openness that I didn't have before. To describe Alison is a challenge because she is such a beautiful mixture of everything -- soulful, sharp, practical, ethereal, technical, intuitive, connected, familial, purposeful, spontaneous, hilarious. She has taught me how to access the parts of myself that help me be my happiest, healthiest and most inspired. To know Alison is to love Alison."

"If you're looking for a teacher to help you bring transformation, clearing, and openness into your life, I can't recommend Alison highly enough. She is an intelligent and intuitive yoga instructor, with a serious asana practice -- but what's truly exceptional about Alison is the way she is able to create sacred spaces in her classes. Alison's retreats blend a perfect mix of practice, exploration, community, and delicious food. And on top of all that goodness, she's hilarious and has the entire "Thriller" dance down pat."